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Press Releases 2012

24 Oct 2012 - 2e Systems launch second-generation crew notifications platform for JetBlue Airways

2e Systems, the dynamic and innovative provider of airline online and mobile solutions, are pleased to announce the latest upgrade to the eeCrewConnect platform for JetBlue Airways. The platform offers a range of new features that significantly improves communication to pilots and cabin crew in the event of operational disruptions, as well as improving overall day-to-day efficiency. The platform uses SMS and e-mail dynamically to ensure the airline crews are kept informed in real-time about changes that affect them.

Working on top of existing crew scheduling, HR and operations systems, eeCrewConnect contacts crewmembers automatically after rescheduling has taken place, tracks acknowledgements, resends information and/or escalates in case the crewmember cannot be reached within a predefined timeframe.

The innovative mobile platform, which was originally designed and implemented by 2e Systems for JetBlue Airways over 2 years ago, has just launched the following additional functionalities:

  • Incoming acknowledgements via SMS and e-mail fed directly back into JetBlue's Crew Roster system
  • Check-in reminders for crewmembers, also allowing them to check-in while on-the-go via SMS or other channels
  • Commuter Status module, that allows Crew Control to manage crewmembers on active and commuter availability for re-planning and positioning
  • Notifications for Hotel ground transportation and dayrooms
  • Ad-hoc SMS and e-mail notifications to crewmembers for any reason, operational or otherwise
  • Flight cancellation messaging that informs crewmembers about estimated re-scheduling deadlines to reduce calls and interruptions to Crew Control who are busy re-scheduling
  • Enhancements to eeManager Administration portal that allows Crew Control to manage and keep an overview of all operations, showing clearly where action needs to be taken and tracking incoming acknowledgements from the crewmembers

"Keeping our crewmembers up to date on their assignments, as well as changes to their schedules remains a priority for us," says David Fuller, director SOC transformation management at JetBlue Airways. "The platform provided by 2e Systems continues to afford us the capability to manage one to one communication with each crewmember; even during high load periods caused by inclement weather and airport closures."

The Mobile and Irregularity platform eeCrewConnect is part of 2e Systems' eeSky Suite of products, which offers not only powerful notification solutions for inflight crew but also passengers and ground staff. In addition, the modules can also be combined with dynamic check-in, internet booking engine and loyalty modules.

Phil Douglas, CEO of 2e Systems adds, "This latest release of our highly successful platform provides new key elements to crew notifications that make it a clear industry leader. JetBlue has the ability to manage and automate large-scale crew re-positioning during irregular operations and provide up to date schedule, transfer and hotel information as well as the ability to check-in for flights via mobile or other online devices. The open design principle utilized for our solution facilitates seamless introduction and implementation for any carrier."

media release (PDF)

06 Jun 2012 - 2e Systems and Helvetic Airways AG sign agreement for the development of Web Check-in application

2e Systems GmbH, provider of online and mobile solutions for the global aviation market, and Helvetic Airways AG, have signed an agreement to develop and provide the eeDepart solution for the carrier.

The new platform will provide Helvetic passengers the ability to check-in online prior to departure.

Tobias Pogorevc, Chief Financial Officer of Helvetic Airways, said: "Our new agreement with 2e Systems gives our customers greater flexibility when checking in for flights. Working with 2e Systems to develop this solution allows us to bring our technology to the next level and offer a better overall travel experience to our customers. "

2e Systems' multi-host DCS check-in solution will communicate with departure control systems AxsControl and Codeco in the Airline's operated airports of Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Rostock, Cardiff and Bristol. Passengers departing from these airports will be able to check-in, select seats, and print their boarding pass via the Internet using the eeDepart module online.

"We are pleased to develop and customize the eeDepart solution for Helvetic Airways, " says Phil Douglas, CEO of 2e Systems, "The dynamic and modular platform is a perfect fit for Helvetic Airways during this exciting phase. "

media release (PDF)

23 May 2012 - Communication in travel: new technologies create both new challenges and opportunities for air carriers

Phil Douglas, CEO 2e Systems GmbH, together with other global technology leaders within the travel industry offered various insights into this topic in the current April edition of Connect World Europe II. Synergy in travel and mobile communications pose the possibility to develop and launch new cutting edge services.

Information in travel is mission critical, and the recent technologies offer mobile-based notifications for flight irregularities such as Delays, Gate Changes and Cancellations. These can be classed as 'informational' services and they are extremely helpful and effective.

Mobile technologies are already utilised in the travel industry, with SMS notifications and boarding passes on smartphones. This is only the beginning. With online check-in systems, staff have been reduced, but the effect is felt when serious air travel disruptions, or 'irregularities', occur. Using mobiles, passengers can not only be notified of delays and cancellations but also informed of alternative flights automatically booked for them, or alternative travel options. In addition, crew and ground staff must also be informed and coordinated in the effort of getting back to normal.       ...

For more information please read Phil's full commentary on or
article here

06 Mar 2012 - 2e Systems and Vayant Travel Technologies launch dynamic fares and pricing engine for Austrian Airlines

Vayant Travel Technologies the next-gen airfare shopping and pricing engine innovator, and 2e Systems, the dynamic aviation online solutions provider, announce the launch of their integrated solution for Austrian Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance. The tool, which combines 2e Systems' Internet Booking Engine with Vayant's pricing products - FareList, TaxQuote and IntelliPricer, has already been successfully implemented at airBaltic in 2011.

The combined solution offers fare and tax quotation information as well as exchange rates and stores both published and private fares. Michael Kobler of Austrian Airlines states, "Our ultimate aim is to provide a seamless travel experience to our customers while achieving cost efficiency by driving down distribution costs. The solution is both a proven and successful tool that supports us in achieving these goals."

Vayant Travel Technologies and 2e Systems provide a 24x7 updated fares and tax tool based on ATPCO fare filings. In addition the pricing products combine data updates with unique caching methodology and therefore provide faster delivery to market. The tool which has successfully been introduced at airBaltic last year has not only driven up efficiencies but has driven down overall operational costs at the carrier.

"Vayant technologies is a pioneer in unbiased airfare shopping and pricing technologies. We are pleased with the success of the combined solution at airBaltic and are thrilled to be able to provide Austrian Airlines with the ground-breaking solution" says Eric Dumas, Vayant's CEO.

2e Systems' dynamic Internet Booking Engine is part of the eeSky Suite of products which combines with powerful check-in, notification and loyalty modules. Phil Douglas adds, "We are pleased to continue our successful partnership with Vayant, and add a new dimension to our eeSky Suite of products, that can not only be easily integrated, but offer a more flexible and diverse product offering to our customers."

media release (PDF)

03 Jan 2012 - 2e Systems launches first Agency Internet Booking Engine for Hahn Air

Hahn Air launched a new, dynamic, web-based flight booking engine allowing travel professionals to book flights on over 250 carriers at published rates. This innovative tool is powered by the industry renowned 2e Systems engine eeBook, part of the eeSky Suite of products.

The new engine provides travel professionals with access to published rates, and affords agents the ability to book flights that may not normally be available for sale in their in-house booking tools. The criteria for using the internet engine include: that the agent becomes a registered user on the site, is part of the Hahn Air Ticketing Centre network and uses a virtual HR UATP Corporate Card as form of payment. The upgrade to become a Hahn Air Ticketing Centre as well as the usage of the UATP card does not involve any extra costs or obligations. "Travel agents wanted a dynamic tool to book flights normally not available in their in-house solution for sale," says Andreas Ochse, VP, Head of Global Account Management at Hahn Air. The new engine is based on a powerful, robust and yet very simple to use technology which gives search results in seconds and instant booking confirmation. Reservations can be made on the web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"We are pleased to support Hahn Air during this exciting phase of development", says Phil Douglas, CEO of 2e Systems. "We are committed to developing superior products and services that empower airlines and providers to grow their business."

media release (PDF)