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News Archive 2011 - 2003

09 Dec 2011 - 2e Systems supports Condor with optimized online Check-in product

Condor, who currently relies on 2e Systems to provide their robust and dynamic online check-in tool, recently launched enhancements to the service. Customers without seat reservation can now check-in from 8 hours to up to 2 hours before departure time and select seats at no additional charge. The service expands the current service which allows customers to book preferred seats up to 48 hours to departure for a small fee. Customers, who utilize the online check-in product, enjoy a stress- and hassle-free check-in at the airport, by only needing to provide one last document check and dropping off any checked baggage.

Benefits of the online Check-in-product include:

  • Passengers with hand luggage can proceed directly to the gate
  • Baggage Drop-off for passengers with luggage
  • Check-in quickly at the home or in the office, and print your own boarding card
  • Also possible for groups up to 9 passengers
  • Available for all booking classes

The service provides Online Check-in is available for all flights (except the US and Canada) at many departure airports. Just one of the many ways 2e Systems provide a superior product to both carriers and passengers.

06 Dec 2011 - Mobile Communication and Irregularity Platform for Lufthansa German Airlines upgraded

The state-of-the-art platform supports a variety of notifications, support and personalized travel information. Irregularities such as weather, air traffic as well as any number of external and/or internal factors can hamper flight schedules. In such situations, getting accurate and up-to-date information as early as possible to customers is crucial to mitigate passenger inconvenience and frustration. In addition, delivering up to the minute information to the carriers' own staff, including front line employees, is critical to make decisions regarding operational issues and to support customers.

The innovative mobile platform, which was originally designed and implemented by 2e Systems for Lufthansa German Airlines over 10 years ago, now additionally provides flight irregularity SMS and e-mail messages as well as Mobile Boarding Passes for all Lufthansa passengers. Customers are informed in the case of irregular operations, such as delays, cancellations, gate changes or rebooking at any point during the customer's journey. In the case of a delayed incoming flight, customers will be rebooked on the next available connection.

Web and SMS Check-in products have also been expanded to include automatic check-in for customers who are eligible for the service. A mobile boarding card will be provided automatically up to 23 hours before departure for over 160 routes.

Read more in our media release (PDF).

24 Oct 2011 - Vladivostok Air: Frequent Flyer Program fully integrated into IBE

Vladivostok Air has combined it's "Leader" Frequent Flyer Program and the user database of its Internet Booking Engine (IBE) to a common customer database: Each user having an IBE profile now is Leader program member.

The customer can perform all Frequent Flyer activities within the IBE provided by 2e Systems: Register to the program, update his profile, view his account statement, send retro claimsto collect points and transfer Leader points (called "Leads") to other members.

Additionally the Leader Program members now can use their points as a form of payment when booking flights online. Depending on certain rules members can select any combination of Leader points and credit card payment, up to a 100% Leader points payment.

23 Jun 2011 - Vayant Travel Technologies and 2e Systems GmbH announce partnership

Vayant Travel Technologies, the next-gen airfare shopping and pricing engine innovator, and 2e Systems announced today that they have sealed a strategic partnership agreement and are providing their integrated solution to award-winning airBaltic, // the fastest-growing airline in the Baltics and European Union's northeastern region.

The integrated solution utilizes 2e's complete Internet Booking Engine combined with Vayant's proprietary Microproducts - FareList, TaxQuote and IntelliPricer. "We have executed the delivery of our solution relying on our core platform and additional micro-products for airlines, enabling a smooth integration with our partner, 2e Systems. Our goal is to provide a new breed of technology solutions for airlines and offer a comprehensive suite that increases flexibility and performance while driving down overall costs for the carrier," says Eric Dumas, Vayant's COO.

"We are pleased to have found in Vayant a partner that brings an easy to integrate suite of products as well as a powerful and flexible B2B platform," adds Phil Douglas, CEO of 2e Systems.

Janis Vanags, airBaltic's Vice President Corporate Communications, comments "Low ticket prices helped airBaltic achieve 16% growth last year of passengers travelling to/from the airlines 80 destinations in Europe, Middle East, and Russia/CIS. We are delighted that this partnership helps us to lower our operational costs, while offering a single integrated solution.

03 Mar 2011 - Safi Airways launching new Internet Booking Engine

Safi Airways After recently migrating to Amadeus Global Distribution System, Safi Airways, an Afghanistan based private airline, launched its new Internet Booking Engine (IBE).

The new IBE developed by 2e Systems offers flight booking both to the public and to travel agents: agencies can register at Safi Airways to get access to the specially designed Agency IBE, which provides special features like:

  • Make reservations but with ticketing at a later stage
  • Generate Amadeus Sales Reports
  • Create and maintain traveler lists
  • Agencies can also register as a General Sales Agent (GSA)
    administering a sub-structure of several other travel agencies

02 Feb 2011 - Flightsurance - the new personal flight accident insurance

Flightsurance Flightsurance is a new personal accident insurance plan for air travel providing worldwide coverage and being available for more than 200 airlines. It can be booked directly on the website of the company or via travel agencies and online travel sites. Flightsurance is also integrated into Amadeus Global Distribution System.

2e Systems developed the complete back end systems for booking and administrating the insurance. 2e also built the web application for direct booking of the insurance on the Flightsurance homepage and several XML-interfaces to integrate the insurance into online travel websites or Global Distribution Systems (GDS) like Amadeus.

11 Jan 2011 - Holiday disruptions eased for Passengers and Crew

With severe weather across Europe and North America co-inciding with the busiest holiday season of the year, thousands of passengers and crew benefitted from real time alerts thanks to 2e System's suite of Disruption Management services. For passengers, the disappointment of a cancelled flight was eased by the fact that they received that information promptly, often before setting off on their journey. Following that, an invitation to re-book their flight with the possibility of arranging hotel accommodation meant avoiding over subscribed help-lines and queues at the airport. For airline crews displaced around the world, receiving and acknowledging their updated schedules on-the-go significantly helped a speedy recovery to normal operations.

08.11.2010 - CUSS Check-in Kiosk at Luxembourg airport

Luxair's customers at Luxembourg airport now can experience the new CUSS Kiosk Check-in provided by Materna and 2e Systems.
2e developed the middleware application connecting to Luxair's Departure Control System (DCS) and provided the central logic for performing the Check-in transactions on that system, ultimately delivering the information to the kiosks. Materna provided the front-end (GUI) application for the kiosks. 2e Systems' internet based Check-in middleware now is commonly used by Luxair's Web Check-in, Mobile Check-in and Kiosk Check-in: this common usage of core components saves development and support costs while enhancing system stability by proven technology.

14.09.2010 - airBaltic: Common user verification offering seamless user experience across websites

2e provides new cross domain user verification for airBaltic's "BalticMiles Shop". airBaltic customers, corporate customers, airBalticTravel customers and BalticMiles members already enjoy a seamless user experience across all airBaltic internet platforms. Users need only one set of login data (user ID + password) to surf with their profile on all participating websites. Once logged in on one of the sites the user can jump to another website without having to login again. The newly added functionality now guarantees BalticMiles members a seamless user experience across platforms delivered by third party providers, such as the new BalticMiles Shop provided by LoyLogic. The functionality has been designed to allow easy integration of future partners, which in turn will provide airBaltic with the chance to quickly expand its program by integrating new partners.

07.09.2010 - Condor extending Online Check-in Service

Until recently only Condor passengers holding an Advanced Seat Reservation could use Online Check-in. Now also passengers without this reservation can use the service provided by
2e Systems: While Premium Economy and Comfort Class passengers will be able to check in online and select their preferred seat free of charge, Economy Class passengers can purchase a "Joker Seat" (seat is assigned automatically by DCS and cannot be selected by passenger) for a fee of 5 EUR per passenger.

03.09.2010 - 2e Systems first external partner for Amadeus Altea DCS

airBaltic has begun the migration of their check-in to Amadeus Altea DCS. 2e Systems is the first external partner to start providing services to the Altea DCS product. Multiple DCS support is a key feature of the 2e Systems product, allowing airlines to switch DCS's or to support connections to multiple DCS hosts at the same time.
2e Systems currently supports following departure control systems:

  • Amadeus Altea DCS (Altea Fly)
  • Amadeus RTB
  • Amadeus RTZ
  • Codeco (KLM)
  • HP DCS (axsControl)
  • Sita DCS
  • Unisys DCS

01.09.2010 - 2e Systems introduces Advanced Seat Reservation for airBaltic

When booking a flight ticket on customers now can reserve their own seats on an interactive seat map. The reservation fee depends on the popularity of the seat type (emergency row, window, aisle).

15.08.2010 - Crew Notificaton System for jetBlue

Fed by jetBlue's backend systems, 2e Systems' Crew Notification System automatically informs crew members via e-mail, SMS or interactive voice response (IVR) about schedule reassignments, flight cancellations and hotel changes. The crew members have to ackknowledge the notifications within a certain time, otherwise an escalation management takes action. jetBlue crew services can intervene manually into the automated Crew Notification System via the system's Administration Portal. The new system mainly replaces call center based "manual" processes and has the advantage of scalability and rapidity.

09.08.2010 - 2e Systems realising Online Check-in for Vladivostok Air

Passengers of Russian Vladivostok Air now have the option to check-in online on the company's website, thus saving time and avoiding queues at the airport. After having checked-in online the passengers can print their boarding passes on their own computers.
2e Systems also operates the Internet Booking Engine for Vladivostok Air.

30.07.2010 - Keeping customers and staff informed - in real time!

2e Systems is featured in the latest edition of the EU Infrastructure magazine, which for this issue focuses on airports. In the featured column "NEXT BIG THING" 2e Systems describes their experience in mobile solutions for airlines and airports. The article "Keeping customers and staff informed - in real time!" highlights the benefits of mobile technology during events such as the volcano clouds over Europe. Find a copy of the full magazine on the website of EU Infrastructure magazine.

15.07.2010 - Ukraine International: Web check-in for charter passengers

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) recently expanded their Web Check-in service to charter flight passengers. UIA uses 2e Systems' well-proven multi-DCS multi-channel Check-in solution, which serves multiple channels like Web, mobile devices, Self Service Kiosks (SSK) etc. and communicates with many departure control systems like axsControl, Codeco, SITA or Unisys.

10.07.2010 - Luxair Mobile Services

Additional mobile services have been developed by 2e for Luxair recently:
Delays and Cancellations Information System (DCIS): The 2e application picks up all messages of Luxair's flight operation control system about cancellations and delays. For each event an e-mail is sent to Luxair's airline operation manager who can follow a direct link to the DCIS provided by 2e Systems. In the DCIS the operation manager can decide with a mouse click if it's necessary to inform the passengers about the event. If the operation manager has opted to inform the passengers, all passengers of the respective flights get an e-mail or SMS about the cancellation or delay. The agents at the respective airports also get an info e-mail.
Check-in invitation: Based on their personal settings Luxair passengers get an invitation to Web-Check-in or Mobile Check-in per e-mail or SMS. These invitations have boosted the number of passengers using the self service Check-in solutions considerably.

02.07.2011 - "The daily newspaper and a flight ticket, please."

This summer Latvian airline airBaltic is selling flight tickets at 700 newspaper kiosks all over Finland. For this campaign, offering 21 routes from 9 Finnish cities, airBaltic is using 2e Systems' flexible e-voucher module, which can be applied for a wide range of marketing and sales measures like price reductions, gift vouchers or promotional campaigns.

16.06.2010 - Web Check-in for Luxair

Passengers of Luxembourg based airline Luxair now can check-in via the internet: check-in, seat selection, printing the boarding pass, all at home or in the office on their own computer. The passengers save time and avoid waiting queues at the airport. 2e Systems' multiple DCS check-in solution communicates with departure control systems like axsControl, Codeco, SITA or Unisys.

21.05.2010 - airBaltic - Pay for tickets combining Miles & Cash

Members of BalticMiles, the new loyalty program of airBaltic, now can pay for their airBaltic flights (including taxes and fees) with any combination of miles and cash, as long as they have enough miles saved at their BalticMiles account. Customers can mix miles and cash by using a slider or just entering the wished amount on one side.

03.05.2010 - New SMS record for Lufthansa during the Volcano Ash crisis

The Mobile Notification System was invaluable to Lufthansa during the recent volcano ash crisis. Automatically informing passengers of delays, cancellations and rebookings resulted in less airport congestion and timely information to passengers. The mobile notification platform is part of a range of products which keeps passengers, crew and ground staff informed by SMS, e-mail and voice.

26.04.2010 - Opaque Pricing Product for Condor

Joker Flights is the new Condor product developed by 2e Systems and Sigmazen. By analysing the forecast capacity together with user behavior, we can offer great prices to exciting destinations without cannibalizing any existing sales channels. Prices are adjusted according to the customers uncertainty, and the results are an important source of incremental revenue to the airlines.

05.04.2010 - Automated schedule changes for airBaltic

Saving time and money is always important for airlines. By automating schedule changes airBaltic has achieved this, and at the same time improving customer service. The new module is fully integrated into their Internet Booking Engine, and provides automated notification by e-mail and SMS, new flight selection, rebooking and multiple refund option.

05.03.2010 - Redesign of

The website of Austrian Airlines has got a new and fresh design. The new layout now is implemented on all sections of the internet site including the Internet Booking Engine provided by 2e Systems.

15.02.2010 - 2e Systems launching Online Check-in for Condor

Condor passengers having a seat reservation now can use Online Check-in to conveniently check in at home or in the office.
The new service realized by 2e Systems is available for Condor flights from many German airports. Customers can check-in between 30 hours and 2 hours prior to departure, and they can print out their boarding passes with their own computer.

09.11.2009 - airBaltic and partners introduce new loyalty programme

airBaltic and partner companies from banking, telecommunications, hospitality, travel, transport and entertainment industry have started a new loyalty programme called BalticMiles. Customers can earn points - or miles - every time they use products or services of BalticMiles partners. The points can be spent for airBaltic flights and many other products of BalticMiles partner companies. For residents of the Baltic countries, the new loyalty programme offers BalticMiles MasterCard issued by Nordea.
2e Systems integrated the new loyalty programme into the airBaltic internet sales channels.

14.10.2009 - Corporate Booking solution for Vladivostok Airlines

Registered companies having a corporate fares agreement with Vladivostok Airlines now can book their special rates on the internet. 2e Systems added the new functionality to Vladivostok Airlines' new Internet Booking Engine which went online earlier this year.

12.09.2009 - airBaltic starts Internet Travel Agency offering dynamic packaging

Latvia's national airline airBaltic has opened an Online Travel Agency - The offers on the new website, which has been realized by 2e Systems, include flight and hotel packages typically providing a 20% discount compared to buying each item separately.
Currently, the Internet Travel Agency offers more than 23,000 hotels in 120 countries worldwide. In addition to airline tickets, airBaltic already offers additional services such as insurances, rental cars, hotels and airport shuttle.

08.07.2009 - Ukraine International re-launch their portal with Web Check-in and e-Vouchers-for-miles!

As part of a major rebranding of their online portal, Ukraine International Airlines co-launched their new "e-Vouchers for miles" and Web Check-in services from 2e Systems. Customers are now able to purchase e-Vouchers directly using accumulated miles from Ukraine's loyalty programme "Panorama Club" and redeem them later against the cost of a booking online. When it comes to checking in for a flight, passengers are now able to check-in for many routes across Ukraine's route network thanks to 2e System's multi-DCS application. Passengers are offered a range of possibilities to identify themselves, fully fledged Seat selection and self-print online BCBP compliant boarding passes.

06.06.2009 - Internet bookings take off from Russia

On 6th June Vladivostok Air went online with their new Internet Booking Engine. The solution provided by 2e Systems is fully integrated with the Sita Gabriel Reservations System and provides additional features such as a fares engine, private profile, fraud checks, ticketing and online reporting. Vladivostok Avia and their partners will now benefit from the totally customized engine when offering all flights accross their networks including codeshare and interline flights. Also the corporate partners and customers will now be able to book flights and other services in a dedicated corporate booking module. Additional modules such as eVouchers and Web Check-in are already in development.

May 2009 - Enhancements for Lufthansa

In May the mobile solutions for Lufthansa Airlines were upgraded to use the latest messaging technology. Over the last five years traffic volumes and the services offered by Lufthansa to their customer has grown exponentially. To keep up with this growth 2e Systems continues to invest in the latest technology. The current messaging broker technology provides a scalable platform where new features can be added quickly and efficiently. The mobile services solutions provided by 2e Systems continues to expand and now covers multiple services and channels like crew notifications, account statements, boarding passes, cancellations, lost baggage notification, re-bookings, gate changes and delays. These services are provided over multiple channels - SMS, e-mail and IVR (Automated Voice Response).

April 2009 - Air Berlin's Mobile e-Services

In April 2009, Air Berlin re-launched their Mobile e-Services platform which has been completely overhauled to cope with the growth of the Air Berlin group. The new platform which provides SMS, MMS and E-mail based services, also serves passengers flying with LTU, flyNiki, Walter and Belair. Under the hood, the application is based on the latest enterprise messaging technologies. This solution provides a robust, high volume platform for sending time critical information to passengers and staff.

According to Matthias Hess, Manager of Check-in applications at Air Berlin, 'Online check-in and mobile services are more and more important to our customers. Information and services are critical to our customers and we will continue to invest in technology to provide the most advanced solutions in the industry'.

26.01.2009 - airBaltic Web Check-in for flights from Germany

In January 2009 the Latvian airline opened their web check-in developed by 2e Systems for all passengers flying from Germany - regardless if the tickets were booked at a travel agency or directly at Passengers can choose their individual seats and print boarding passes immediately or send them to a preferred e-mail address. The free of charge web check-in is a convenient service for passengers travelling with hand luggage only that saves considerable time at check-in desks. Web check-in applies for return flights as well and opens in general at 12 a.m. for all departures of the following day up to 2 hours before departure.

06.10.2008 - 2e Systems releases new re-booking solution for Austrian Airlines

On the 2nd October 2e Systems released their new online re-booking solution for airlines. The launch customer, Austrian Airlines, has released this product in several European and Middle Eastern markets, and will add additional markets in the near future. As with the existing online booking tools it will be available in 24 languages. The new product is based on the Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC). As one of the launch customers for Amadeus Web Services, this further enhances the functionality provided by the 2e Systems Internet Booking Engine.
Konstantin Kasapis, Head of E-Commerce at Austrian Airlines said "Austrian Airlines provides advanced online solutions for end-customers, agencies and corporate customers. Re-booking is an important solution for customers to be able to manage all their travel online. It provides transparency on the prices for upgrading and re-booking, and streamlines the business process for changing and re-issuing tickets."

10.09.2008 - 2e Systems implements its e-Voucher solution for Ukraine International Airlines (UIA)

Ukraine International Airlines has integrated the 2e Systems' e-Voucher module into its own Internet Booking Engine (IBE). Both fixed and percentage discount e-Vouchers can be issued by Ukraine International for specific promotions and other purposes.
Web based back-office administration enables UIA staff to easily issue and track e-vouchers including many parameters for restricting validity to certain dates, routes, booking classes etc. Customers then receive their e-voucher code by e-mail and can later simply enter the code during the flight booking process to get the discount.
The e-Voucher module communicates with the UIA IBE via an XML interface.

05.09.2008 - 2e enables low-cost Self Service Kiosk (SSK) check-in for airBaltic at Riga airport

airBaltic recently introduced check-in SSKs (Self Service Kiosks) at Riga airport. Their customers will recognise the similar user-friendly navigation to the web check-in that they are used to at home. Customers can choose their seats on an interactive seat map and can also enter their frequent flyer number. These SSKs represent a new low cost SSK generation running on a standard PC, monitor (optionally touch-screen) and printer combination reducing the cost of investment dramatically. The system is also easily extendable to include other functions, such as booking, re-booking, frequent flyer account management/printout, flight arrival/departure information, etc.

Due to the web-based technology, the maintenance effort and costs are drastically reduced. The system uses the same middleware as the web and mobile check-in services, further reducing costs while enhancing reliability. The check-in application developed by 2e Systems also provides an online back-office administration tool and a management reports module.

20.06.2008 - Mobile e-services for Lufthansa extended

In cooperation with Arvato and Responsys, 2e Systems is providing the full set of data for e-mail checkin invitations to all Miles&More customers on all Lufthansa flights daily. Customers are invited to use Lufthansa online check-in services, as well as Lufthansa mobile check-in services. 2e Systems processes more than 30.000 passengers and triggers more than 20.000 e-mails worldwide each day.

20.06.2008 - Germanwings awarded important prize for e-commerce

Germanwings has been awarded an important prize for e-commerce, at the 2008 German Multimedia Awards held in Berlin recently. 2e Systems has developed Germanwings' innovative sales tool "blind booking" which is part of the awarded website The Deutsche Multimedia Award (DMMA) has been awarded since 1996 to excellent online-, offline- and terminal applications that represent examples of innovativeness and productiveness of interactive media.

30.05.2008 - Austrian Airlines going mobile

Austrian Airlines now offers their customers surfing the internet using handheld devices (e.g. Apple iPhone, Pocket PC, PDA, etc.) the option of using their mobile device to book flight tickets. 2e Systems developed the new Austrian Airlines Mobile Portal which offers flight booking, timetable, arrivals/departures and booking info.

16.04.2008 - airBaltic passengers always up-to-date!

Just in time for the busy Easter period, airBaltic now offer their online booked passengers peace of mind when they travel with the release of their state of the art Mobile Services platform. Passengers who enter a mobile phone number when booking will receive the most up-to-date information directly to their handset via SMS in the event their flight is delayed. The platform, developed by 2e Systems, incorporates the latest technology and builds on over 5 years of experience in the Mobile Services sector. Passengers can be sure to receive up to the minute information no matter which country they are flying from thanks to the global coverage offered by 2e Systems' partner CardBoardFish, leaders in the telecoms industry

01.03.2008 - Record growth for Air Berlin Check-in

Since the beginning of the year, the number of passengers using Air Berlin's Check-in platform developed and hosted by 2e Systems has consistently grown at a rate of nearly 20% each month. With over 100 self service kiosks now connected to the platform at airports and hotels across Europe, the service is proving very popular with passengers. Web Check-in is also exceeding expectations thanks to many new features such as API and security questions support, child and infant Check-in and advertisements in boarding pass. For Air Berlin's passengers, no matter whether they choose to check-in from home or at the airport, they are offered unrivalled convenience from our self service products.

21.01.2008 - airBaltic CEO praises 2e Systems IBE

In the January edition of airBaltic's in-flight magazine Outlook, Berthold Flick, President and CEO of airBaltic praised their Internet Booking Engine (IBE) and Internet Check-in systems, crediting them with strong growth of sales over this channel. 2e Systems is very proud to be the partner that airBaltic chose to deliver these systems and is of course ecstatic with the airBaltic results.
2e Systems' CEO, Phil Douglas: "Our partnership with airBaltic is picture book. airBaltic is very focussed on how it wants to sell over the internet, and 2e Systems responds rapidly in delivering exactly what they need. A customized IBE that has a straight-forward user presentation coupled with the fastest response times of any IBE on the internet can really produce results!"
Just ask our customers!

01.05.2007 - Kiosk and Web Check-in for dba, Air Berlin and flyNiki

With the recent sale of dba to Air Berlin, 2e Systems now handles Kiosk and Web Check-in for all 3 airlines on the same platform. Serving over 20 locations throughout Europe and including Web and Mobile Check-in, 2e Systems proves their robust application is up to the challenge. Unlike many solutions on the market today, 2e Systems consolidates airline business rules and host connectivity to keep costs to a minimum whilst maintaining the highest level of performance and reliability.

18.04.2007 - Seat map functionality introduced for Austrian Airlines customers

Austrian Airlines customers can now reserve their seat online while making a flight reservation. The new functionality within the Austrian Airlines booking engine shows the entire aircraft cabin configuration to the customer via an interactive seatmap. The advanced seat reservation is offered to every customer for every flight segment found in the reservation regardless of the booking class. For frequent travellers using the frequent flyer program offered by Austrian Airlines or its partners the interactive seat map offers "preferred" seats.

13.04.2007 - airBaltic webfare promotions very successful

This year’s spring sales (08.-11.03.2007) as well as the Easter campaign went extremely successful for our customer airBaltic. Not only that in peak times the sales figures almost tripled, a significant increase of internet bookings remained even after the sales period. Our internet booking engine managed the additional traffic without any noticeable effect to the customers. Our client airBaltic was able to set up the reduced web fares themselves via the user friendly web fare module which allows defining the sales period and the booking period as well as any form of fare reduction. The high traffic resistant IBE together with a well prepared and organised sales campaign contributed to this great success with a long term effect.

Extract from airBaltic’s press room: NEW INTERNET BOOKING SYSTEM
“A new and improved system for buying airBaltic tickets on the Internet has just been launched. The online system now works more rapidly and effectively than ever before. This means that airBaltic can serve many more customers, even if demand surges during special campaigns and promotions. Sales figures as well as a marked fall in the number of customer claims are proving this to be true on a daily basis.”

30.03.2007 - Customer profiles and corporate profiles introduced for airBaltic

Under very tight time conditions, the fully tailored customer and corporate profiles functionality was developed and successfully put online. ‘Due to airBaltic’s constraints there has been an extreme time pressure for this project from the very beginning. Thanks to clear requirements from the customer’s side and an extremely well co-working development team this outstanding result was possible’, claims COO Ulrich Oppitz. The new functionality allows to store all customer related data and retrieve it by a simple log-in. The corporate functionality allows defining company specific fare reductions and can also be used for handling staff travel.

17.01.2007 - airBaltic takes off with 2e Systems

After an extremely short implementation period, 2e Systems successfully launched the new airBaltic Internet Booking Engine, as planned, on Jan 17th this year. A few days later airBaltic consolidated their decision to switch 2e Systems by running a campaign offering customers substantial discounts for internet bookings. 2e Systems is very proud to work together with airBaltic, the leading airline in the Baltic region, and looks forward to working together in a long and successful partnership.

15.01.2007 - Lost luggage information by SMS

In addition to the already existing Checkin and Arrival/Departure services, Lufthansa has launched a new service to inform customers of delayed baggage. Customers whose luggage was checked-in, but due to airport delays, never arrived at the aircraft are notified by SMS as soon as they land. Without waiting at the luggage belt, customers can proceed directly to the appropriate service counter to arrange alternatives.

03.01.2007 - 2e Systems provides profile bookings for Austrian Airlines

Just eight months after the successful implementation of a new internet booking tool for Austrian Airlines, 2e Systems released the 2nd phase of the on-line booking engine. Registered airline customers now profit from the functional and content improvements of their profile administration which caters for the individual requirements of private users, companies and travel agencies. Austrian Airlines' customers have direct access to their Miles & More accounts, bookings and flight templates; they can cancel bookings, buy pre-paid ticket allotments and save accompanying traveller details to their profiles. For the first time companies and travel agencies have the possibility to create departments and allocate various rights, users and forms of payment to them. Parallel to this enhanced functionality, the Austrian call centre also obtained a comprehensive management tool for user administration, booking assistance and statistical analysis.

20.06.2006 - Austrian Airlines: First promotion using new eVoucher tool

In September 2006, Austrian Airlines kicked off their first marketing promotion using the new eVoucher tool developed by 2e Systems. To promote their new internet booking portal, eVouchers were sent out to customers offering a discount for bookings made online. After entering the eVoucher code, the customer received a discount against the cost of their booking. In addition to marketing promotions, the eVoucher tool can be used for customer relations and internal purposes due to its complete flexibility.

08.05.2006 - Rebook Your Route Too!

From today, dba’s customers can not only rebook the date and time of their trip online, they can also rebook the routing. New functionality implemented by 2e Systems now enables one to choose a completely new routing on all or part of the journey. Any price difference is automatically calculated. This is an important new feature for dba, who carry a large number of business travelers who need to be able to change their travel plans quickly and at short notice.

17.04.2006 - Austrian Airlines take off with 2e!

After a very intense development period, Austria’s national carrier Austrian Airlines have launched the first phase of their new internet booking tool ( which has been developed especially for them by 2e Systems. The new internet booking tool presents Austrian’s flights in a new and unique way which is much easier for their customers to gain a fast overview of prices on offer. Also included are extremely transparent rules regarding the fares that are offered. The functionality is ground breaking for a large scheduled carrier who have a large and complex variety of fares on offer.

31.03.2006 - Check-in from home and DIY Boarding Pass

dba customers can now enjoy the comfort of hassle free check-in away from the airport! The new check-in functionality includes features like interactive seat-maps where users can see exactly where they will sit, and a print-at-home boarding pass which includes a bar code to be scanned at the gate.

MMS Check-in and Boarding
From now on dba customers can use check-in via MMS. All they need is a MMS enabled mobile phone. The service realized by 2e Systems offers not only check-in via mobile phone, but an additional possibility of sending the boarding pass in the form of a barcode directly to a mobile phone. With this barcode the passenger can proceed directly to the departure gate and saves time for check-in at counter or Self-Service Kiosk. The new boarding service can be requested during online booking, presently on route Munich — Hanover. More dba routes will follow.

25.01.2006 - Best-Buy search for dba flights

Effective immediately customers of dba (Germany’s second largest domestic airline) can find their lowest flight prices fast, reliably and comfortably with just a couple of mouse clicks on their web site The “Best Buys” price search, developed by 2e Systems, lists the cheapest flight prices which are actually still available, and which can be easily sorted according to different criteria. An display of the actual amount of remaining available seats rounds off the new functionality.

07.11.2005 - 2e and Materna make check-in easy for dba customers

Last month dba introduced check-in SSK (Self-Service Kiosks) for their customers at selected airports on their domestic network. They will roll out the SSKs over most of their network in the coming weeks. This was enabled via a very successful joint project between 2e Systems and Materna. 2e developed the middleware application which connects to dba's check-in system and provides the central logic for performing the check-in transactions on that system, ultimately providing the information to the SSKs. Materna provided the SSKs and their internal logic. The application will also soon be used to provide the central logic for the dba's web check-in application.

"This is a great example of our philosophy that airlines should take advantage of their internet middleware applications to use them more extensively for non-internet use", said Dave Bentz, 2e's project manager for dba. "Too many airline carriers view their internet applications as a separate entity and don't take full advantage of one of the most powerful and sophisticated systems that they have. They end up reinventing the wheel at high cost." Dave added: "I know some carriers which have three or four applications providing the same logic with only small differences in their functionality. The maintenance cost must be unbelievable.s"

17.08.2005 - DIY Boarding Pass for Lufthansa Customers

Lufthansa customers who use the Web Check-in service under can now print out their boarding pass on their home PC. Armed with their home printed boarding passes customers can now proceed directly to the departure gate where a laser scanner will read the 2D bar code. Initially the service is available for the Berlin-Frankfurt route but will soon be extended to other routes. 2e Systems developed and implemented the innovative solution that saves customers the time and trouble of having to collect a boarding card at the Quick Check-in kiosk or counter.

29.07.2005 - 2e Systems makes dba - Aldi cooperation possible

dba's current promotion of selling prepaid flight "eCoupons" in 1,600 ALDI SÜD supermarkets was managed technically by 2e Systems. 2e is dba's web technology provider, and they also developed the eCoupon system for them. "We are extremely pleased with the result, and I know dba are too." said Phil Douglas, General Manager of 2e Systems. "One of our biggest challenges was to support the dba web site during the customer rush on the first day of sale. The volume was really massive and the number of online bookings created during the peak hour was more than 2000% more than the same hour a week earlier. It is a great reaffirmation of the architecture and design of our system."

02.05.2005 - 2e Systems announces NTT as "Preferred Hosting Partner"

NTT Communications is a worldwide organization with a growing presence inside Europe. 2e Systems recently chose NTT Europe as partner for hosting the dba online services. "We have been so impressed with the combination of professionalism, reaction time and flexibility that we have decided to make NTT our preferred hosting partner for the future", said Phil Douglas, Managing Director of 2e Systems. "We believe strongly in the model of finding the right partner and then building a relationship based on trust and cooperation." 2e Systems is currently working together with NTT to extend the relationship further.

17.03.2005 - dba takes off with 2e Systems!

On 17 March 2e Systems switched dba (Germany's second biggest domestic carrier) to its new airline IBE. 2e Systems provides the booking, timetable, customer profile and eCoupon functionality for the public web site (, as well as a web based call centre booking engine for the dba call centre agents. Through its IBE application, 2e Systems also provides the overall integration and final delivery of the content management system pages, providing dba with a "real" single presentation layer and providing the dba customers with a uniform and continuous user experience. Furthermore, 2e Systems is responsible for providing the hosting and administration of all hardware, network and security for the dba internet.

02.09.2004 - New e-Auction for Star Alliance

A successful online auction under the aegis of Star Alliance took place for flight tickets ex Mexico City. Participating were renowned airlines like United, Varig, US Airways, Air Canada and Lufthansa.
The nonstop auction was runnig in Star Alliance look and feel in Spanish language based on DynaWeb. Beyond the proved e-auction software from 2e-systems allowed flexible und comfortable configuration of the auctions by using the Auction Manager Tool.

23.03.2004 - Surfing in the clouds

FlyNet® is Lufthansa's new broadband internet access on board long-haul flights. Passengers will be able to use such services as surfing the World Wide Web, sending/receiving e-mail and accessing their company networks via VPN. 2e Systems have just completed a prototype of the FlyNet® interactive services such as flight booking, award booking, award upgrades and Miles & More account statement. This functionality is currently undergoing live testing on board aircraft. FlyNet® is expected to be available on all 78 long-haul planes by summer 2006.

18.12.2003 - Lufthansa GTS international christmas auction

The Lufthansa office in the Czech Republic conducted its first joint flight ticket auction together with the student travel agency GTS International.
Only students were allowed to participate and so they were able to buy cheap tickets despite their limited budgets.
The auction was managed by 2e System's e-auction software in live mode: That means that the lots were auctioned at short intervals with live comments by the auctioneer. There are two modes of the e-auction software: the live mode and the non-stop mode. In non-stop mode all lots are auctioned simultaneously over a longer period where starting and ending is freely configurable for each lot.

11.12.2003 - Booking is even more comfortable at

The online booking engine at - provided by 2e Systems - is now even more comfortable.
Booking without registration:
Effective immediately, bookings on can be made without prior registration. If the customer wishes, he can save his data as a customer profile after finalizing the booking.
Travel partners:
As a registered user you now have the chance to save up to three preferred travel partners in your profile. For all travel partners miles can be collected by also storing their Miles & More card numbers.
Payment by debit card:
Registered users who live in Germany can pay now for their online bookings by direct debit bank transfer. The new service applies for etix® bookings where the travel commences with one of the following airlines: Lufthansa, Lufthansa CityLine, SAS, Austrian Airlines, Tyrolean, Lauda or EuroWings.

07.10.2003 - Complex Itinerary and FamilyBooking

Until recently, Lufthansa on-line booking was restricted to one-way and point-to-point return booking functionality. However, due to new development from 2e Systems customers can now create more complex itineraries (including open-jaw itineraries) by utilizing the new step-by-step process.

Families can book online together
On October 7th brand new functionality to enable on-line booking of children and infants was released on the Lufthansa Web Site. Thanks to 2e Systems families can now take advantage of the convenience of on-line booking and still get the appropriate discounts for children and infants.

05.09.2003 - Check-in by SMS

At Lufthansa, frequent travellers can now also check-in via SMS. 2e Systems developed this new service, which is exclusively for senators and frequent travellers. Other SMS services available for all customers are notification of flight cancellations, gate changes and delays as well as SMS inquiries for arrival or departure times and Miles & More account balance.

01.09.2003 - Transaktionsinstitut für Zahlungsverkehrsdienstleistungen online

The Transaktionsinstitut für Zahlungsverkehrsdienstleistungen AG has a new internet, intranet, and extranet featuring convenient user functionality for its employees. 2e Systems in conjunction with its partner INTER5 AG developed the new functionality.