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News 2016

06 Dez 16 - WestJet eeCrewConnect® App Now Available in App Stores

In October WestJet released their eeCrewConnect® app, known as WS Crew View, on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Prior to this release, the app was only available on company devices. Now crew members can use their personal smartphones, anywhere, to access their schedules, flight cancellations, hotel and ground transportation information, as well as custom messages from crew schedulers.

While use of the app is optional at WestJet, over half of all crew members have already installed it and are using it to acknowledge schedule changes. The response from users has been overwhelmingly positive.

WestJet is looking forward to turning on additional features in the near future, including:

  • real-time movement control information
  • gate, time, equipment and tail change information.

Read more about eeCrewConnect®, or contact us for a free business case!

11 Oct 16 - New eeCrewConnect® mobile app allows location-based check-in for JetBlue

On October 11th 2e Systems released the latest version of the eeCrewConnect® mobile app for JetBlue, known as JETCRW.

The new release makes use of geofencing technology to support JetBlue's "positive check-in" procedure, which requires all crew members to check in for duty while physically located at the airport. The app is now the primary system for all JetBlue crew members to check in for duty, with the only alternative being to use phones located in airport crew areas.

Jeanny Patterson, Manager Crew Services Business Solutions for JetBlue, said, "We've had a great response to the new app and check-in procedure. As of October 17th, more than 96% of duty check-ins by cockpit crew were completed using the JETCRW app, and more than 99% by cabin crew. We've had very positive feedback from our crew members."

Previously only available on company-issued tablets, the app is now also available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for crew to download and use on their personal mobile devices.

"The uptake of the new app and its features by JetBlue crew has been very encouraging," said 2e Systems CEO, Phil Douglas, "We've already seen the app downloaded over 3500 times to private devices, demonstrating its importance in the daily lives of crew members. We are absolutely delighted."

The eeCrewConnect® mobile app is supported by the eeManager administration portal, which allows airlines flexibility and control of the app in its day-to-day use. In implementing the new geo-restricted crew check-in, JetBlue was able to define the designated crew check-in areas to suit their specific needs.

Read more about eeCrewConnect®, or contact us for a free business case!

29 Jun 16 - 2e Systems Supports Swiss DCS Migration

In June 2016 Swiss International Air Lines completed their migration to a new DCS.

To assist the migration, 2e Systems' eeDepart solution was configured in line with the airline's flights migration schedule. The web check-in system would switch to the correct DCS according to each individual flight. This meant no manual intervention was required by Swiss staff, significantly reducing the effort required on their side.

Achim Schneider, Head of Ground Services at Swiss, said, "Thanks to the efforts of 2e Systems, our customers have been able to continue to benefit from our web check-in services without disruption during the migration process. This is essential to maintaining our ongoing commitment to service quality."