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News 2013 & Newsletter

26 Sep 2013 - Air Moldova online with 2e Systems eeDepart platform

Air Moldova boosted its operational efficiency today, as it went online with the new 2e Systems eeDepart web check-in platform. The airline, based out of Chisinau, is the national airline of Moldova and offers web check-in for 20 stations system wide.

"We are pleased to introduce the new platform as an added option for our customers," said Vasile Hincu, CCO of Air Moldova. "The platform and other solutions provided by 2e Systems will expand our services for passengers as well as optimize customer handling at airports."

Air Moldova has also commissioned 2e Systems to provide both a customer and corporate booking engine, eeBook, as well as online promotional tool, eePromote for the carrier. The platforms will go online in late fall 2013.

02 May 2013 - Austrian Airlines auctions Business Class Upgrade

Austrian Airlines passengers now have the ability at booking confirmation to 'name their price' for an upgrade to Business Class when booking online at, which is powered by 2e Systems.

Passengers submit their bids online, and find out within 72 hours prior to departure whether they have been granted the coveted Smart Upgrade to Business Class. The Smart Upgrade offer is valid for passengers who have a valid Austrian Economy Class ticket on a scheduled Austrian Airlines long haul flight and is applicable on flights from and to Amman, Astana, Baghdad, Baku, Erbil, Yerevan, Cairo, Tel Aviv and Tripoli. Austrian Airlines has become one of the first European airlines to offer its passengers the chance to purchase an upgrade via an auction.

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19 Apr 2013 - 2e Systems and Air Moldova sign agreement

In April of 2013, Air Moldova acquired 2e Systems to develop the eeBook, eeDepart and eePromote solutions for the carrier. The airline, based out of Chisinau, is the national airline of Moldova and operates scheduled services to 20 destinations in Europe.

"2e Systems offers a solid product to meet our operational and commercial requirements," said Vasile Hincu, CCO of Air Moldova. "Their technology provides us with new possibilities to market our product and services online."

The carrier has commissioned 2e Systems to provide both a customer and corporate booking engine as well as online check-in solution. In addition, the powerful eePromote tool will be fully integrated into the platform, which affords Air Moldova the ability to fully manage and implement electronic vouchers as well as webfares.

"Air Moldova's choice of 2e Systems products follows the trend of carriers looking for a range of solutions that can be easily integrated and managed on one central platform, which is perfectly suited to our eeSky Suite," says Phil Douglas, CEO of 2e Systems. "We have extensive expertise in delivering products that are both modular and easily customizable and we are extremely pleased that Air Moldova has chosen our solution."

05 Mar 2013 - 2e Systems and Condor launch automated APIS/ESTA check-in solution

In order to support Condor in simplifying the handling of Advance Passenger Information System (APIS), 2e Systems developed an upgrade to the online check-in platform for the carrier to manage routes and flights where passengers are required to submit this information prior to departure. APIS information is required for various countries, especially by U.S. and Canadian authorities, for all persons traveling to and from these countries. Besides the passport data, country of residence as well as address during the stay is required. The APIS data collection, which can also be collected at time of reservation, can now also be captured during the online check-in process and simplifies customers' travel preparations for flights to North America.

In addition, the carrier now has an automated solution to check ESTA status (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) and the security check required by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) prior to departure. When passengers check-in online for a US flight or US Overflight, the system will check the Official U.S. Government Web Site to see if the passenger has been authorized to travel within the Visa Waiver program. If this information is not present or if the security check was negative, the online check-in process will be aborted and passengers directed to the carrier for more information.

These upgrades, developed with the support of 2e Systems, help mitigate delays at airport check-in and help the carrier check for potential immigration issues well before departure. The service provides not only automated handling but also more seamless customer service.

05 Mar 2013 - 2e Systems supports Austrian Airlines with facelift for

Austrian Airlines recently launched a new design for their internet booking engine. The site has an upgraded look, a revised launch page and offers quicklinks so that customers have the ability to go directly into travel support functions, such as manage my booking, flight search and web check-in. The site is also optimized for all hardware, not just PC and laptops, but also mobile phone and tablet devices. For mobile users iOS and Android apps are also available. Links to all Social Media sites is also now an added feature.

14 Jan 2013 - Integrate to Accumulate - Phil Douglas, CEO of 2e Systems speaks to Future Airport Asia

Communication between an airline's departments, its customers and airport authorities is often problematic during normal operation conditions, let alone irregular ones. Phil Douglas, CEO of 2e Systems, speaks to Future Airport Asia about how integrating airlines' subdivisions under one online umbrella programme increases overall efficiency and facilitates effective responses to crisis.

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10 Jan 2013 - 2e Systems buys shares in Flightsurance

The founders of travel insurance start-up Flightsurance, Dr. Jens Ortgiese and Zoltan Kastner, have sold their shares to 2e Systems, making 2e Systems the largest shareholder in the company.

Ortgiese and Kastner founded Flightsurance in 2008 and subsequently formed partnerships with Swiss Re and QBE. "We are very pleased about the acquisition offer of 2e. The strong market position and profound expertise of 2e in high volume transaction technologies, combined with the innovative capacity of Flightsurance in the segment of real-time risk management systems form the perfect combination to quickly expand the current offer and create new value-added products." said Dr. Ortgiese.

Other prominent investors in Flightsurance include private equity companies INTRO Aviation and MIC-Marbach-Group.

Flightsurance uses technology which calculates an anonymous customized risk profile for every flight, allowing it to offer a customised product price. It was this week awarded further patents in the US, while patents are pending for China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Canada, according to the firm.

Currently the Flightsurance Air Travel Cover is available in 27 countries for more than 230 worldwide airlines.