What exactly is eeBook and what can it do for my airline?

eeBook is the fully customizable and dynamic internet booking engine for air carriers. eeBook is a tested and innovative solution already well-established within the global marketplace. Successfully in place with numerous international air carriers, the tool is dynamically built and can be adapted to meet challenges in the aviation market. As air travel purchases continue to increase through online channels, it is mission critical that air carriers meet these changing market demands.

We base our entire methodology around the phase review process for quality management. We are a full project lifecycle provider, and this fits together perfectly with the phase review process. This means that engineering and design are actually only 2 parts in the entire quality process. If the client permits, we work closely right from the concept stage until the product is finally online and monitoring and success measurement is in place. This assures the highest quality coupled with fastest development times and lowest costs.

Can we administer the IBE contents by ourselves, modify/translate any texts on the fly and manipulate certain data as we need it?

Yes. Part of each of our products is a highly sophisticated online administration tool, the eeManager, where the airline can maintain and administer IBE master data such as fares, business rules and texts. For example changing or translating any text across the IBE is a matter of minutes and can be done by the airline itself anytime without interference from 2e site. Also adding new routes, new fares or creating special web promotional sales is done via the eeManager and changes are reflected on the live system instantly when the airline needs it. User access to the corresponding modules within eeManager can be controlled by the airline to restrict/allow individual staff or department's access to delicate data.

Our Airline has existing customer profiles including a full frequent flyer solution. Can this be integrated into eeBook?

Yes. 2e has vast experience in connecting to external customer databases and frequent flyer programs. eeBook will make existing customer profiles accessible via the IBE where customers can maintain their personal data, view current and past bookings and print/re-print booking confirmations and itinerary receipts. If other eeSky Suite products are integrated into eeBook, users can opt for other services such as flight notifications, newsletters or check-in invitations. If additionally connected to a frequent flyer program, eeBook can enable customer account statements, mileage redemption and reward booking, retro claims, transfer miles and many more. Certainly eeBook offers new customers to sign up and create new profiles as well.

Can eeBook help my airline to reduce or optimize GDS/Reservation hosts costs?

Yes. Our eeBook engine uses innovative cachingalgorithms to only access and request from your GDS or reservation hosts when it's really necessary. Costly transactions into such systems are avoided whenever possible and our processing logic will help your airline to stabilize and optimize host system costs.

Besides flight booking, can we also offer hotels, cars, insurances and more during the booking process?

Yes. Our eeBook internet booking engine is designed and built to be able to "plug-in" more products and items into the booking process. Beside standard items like car rentals, hotel accommodation or insurances, we have integrated many more ancillary items into our IBEs such as bus tickets, bicycle rentals or even sickness and on time arrival warranties. Basically our engine has no restrictions to what can be implemented and offered to the booking customer. Traditional items such as advanced seat reservations, special / excess baggage, passenger assistance and meal selection already come as included services if not required differently by your airline.

What payment options could be offered to my airline customers?

Credit card payment or direct debit are standard payment forms across our products. As some markets require alternative payment options, 2e has implemented many other methods of payment such as direct bank links (to local banks), PayPal, Qiwi (payment terminals), post office payment (Russia), partial payment, payment with miles, eVoucher payment and more. The professional and flexible design of the 2e applications allows processing of multiple payment options even when provided by multiple payment providers.

How can I realize special promotions or exclusive web sales with eeBook?

There are several solutions: 2e has developed various tools to help airlines promoting and boosting internet sales with minor effort. Where airlines would normally file dedicated fares with their host providers, 2e offers applications and modules which allow discounting public or normal fares as filed in the host. A very popular tool to do so is the so-called "Web Fares" module developed by us. Via the eeManager, our administration portal, the airline defines percentage or fixed amount discounts on any fares and/or routes, even using booking and travel period restrictions. If our eePromote eVoucher product is part of your IBE, the vouchers can be used for the same purpose and even open more options for you and your airline. Please refer to the eePromote product sheet to learn more.

Can eeBook be used and optimized for my sales agents network?

Yes. Besides customer profiles mentioned above, the eeBook engine is also capable of holding and interfering with agent and agency profiles. Similar to normal user profiles, agents and agencies can have their own profiles where they can view present and past bookings or general agent/agency activity across the IBE. Beyond profile creation and processing, 2e has developed various unique agency tools to be used within our eeBook engine. Once logged in on eeBook, agents will access a dedicated agency booking engine where more options and features are available. Agencies can administer their profiles, their agents or sub agents, can define booking options or restrictions for their agents or can even define credit limit and value thresholds for them. The eeBook Agent IBE can additionally process and analyze sales reports to automatically calculate applicable agent commissions and to issue invoices for them.

The booking engine for my airline needs to come in multiple languages. Can eeBook do that?

Yes. Our company philosophy is to create and design online applications which are easy to maintain and which offer full customization and flexibility to extend for future use and needs. Because of the open architecture of our products, implementing multiple languages is a standard feature. Every bit of text across our applications are stored in databases and can be maintained and changed by the airline anytime on the fly. If new languages are required, the existing texts in the database are simply translated by your airline or your agency and the new language will be imported into the IBE. Even unique languages and reverse notation is applicable across our products.


What exactly is eeDepart and what can it do for my airline?

eeDepart is a web, mobile and kiosk check-in solution for air carriers. It is a fully customizable solution that allows for the possibility to add functionalities as well as add requirements based on your needs and business rules. From online to mobile to kiosk check-in, the tool provides a more seamless passenger experience and drives down overall handling costs. This reduces or even removes the need for any airport check-in services, saving time, resources and money.

Can eeDepart connect to multiple departure control systems so my airline can offer a common solution to all passengers, no matter where they depart from?

Yes, we are specialized in connecting to multi DCS hosts. Our application architecture allows multiple hosts, even when interfacing differently, to be combined to one common check-in solution for all your passengers. Currently 2e connects to Codeco, Amadeus Altea, Sita DCS, Amadeus RTB/RTZ, AxsControl, LH DCS and we are currently working on connecting two additional major Departure Control Systems.

Can the eeDepart application process APIS data?

Yes, it can. Our eeDepart solution dynamically requests the users to enter APIS data depending on their nationality, country of origin and country of arrival. All APIS rules are available and administrable via the eeManager administration portal which comes with each of our products. Our approach enables your airline to define special APIS rules for any route or destination if needed; moreover the application also handles security questions for UK destinations and Secure Flight data processing for US authorities.

My airline would like to offer check-in solutions as payable service. Can eeDepart do that?

Yes, we have implemented online check-in as chargeable service for various airlines already. The airlines can define individual prices for each seat, seat row and cabin compartment. Additionally our customers can apply cabin/seat pricing configurations to individual routes as required, and can also define special business rules for special passengers like infants, frequent travelers or groups.

Can eeDepart notify my passengers when they are able to check-in?

Yes. eeDepart can actively invite your passengers for check-in via mail or SMS. We have developed various solutions for checking and retrieving flight status information from host systems, where we not only use the DCS, but also flight tracking and other operational systems. Once the flights have reached an "open for check-in" status, the system automatically generates invitations to be sent to passengers via their preferred channel. Check-in invitations is just one of many exclusive features which result out of cross combining various or all eeSky Suite programs like in this example eeDepart and eeConnect.

How much can my airline control routes or markets or even certain flights available for check-in or not?

Each of our applications comes with eeManager, a highly sophisticated administration tool which empowers your airline with full control over the product. Certainly routes and flights administration is totally flexible and you can define all sorts of rules and exceptions as you need them. Besides defining routes and flights to be offered for check-in, you can administer check-in deadlines per channel, boarding pass advertisement, interline through check-in and many more.

Can eeDepart be the central middleware for my airline's check-in channels like kiosks, mobile and web?

Yes. The system architecture allows all different check-in channels to connect to our eeDepart middleware. Configurations and business rules definitions only need to be done once in a central administration tool eeManager and can be applied to the individual channels as needed. We have vast experience in adapting, modifying and optimizing web applications for mobile and kiosk usage and the system is designed to allow full customization for each channel as you need it.

Can through check-in be offered to passengers?

Yes, through check-in is certainly a standard feature of our eeDepart application. If required, you can exclude certain flights or interline partners from onward check-in. The through check-in process basically comes as it is offered in the corresponding DCS. If the DCS allows onward check-in including seat maps or seat changes, we will adapt it to the application and offer it to your passengers. As a special feature we have built in a so-called "Through Check-in Retry" module, which allows passengers, who were not able to through check, to return to the eeDepart application to try onward or same day return check-in again.


What exactly is eeConnect and what can it do for my company?

eeConnect is the notification and communication platform that provides automated crew and staff communication as well as offer a diverse range of passenger notifications. eeConnect is a product which is not restricted to the airline industry and can be customized and triggered for various business segments.

It serves as the glue that combines your internal company IT systems with external providers to create one to one communication with customers and staff. This product gives you the possibility to have the same functionality and communication content using various information sources and communication channels.

What are the communication channels supported?

Currently we have the expertise, know-how and experience with web, e-mail, SMS, IVR, push channels and social media. However our platform is designed in a customizable way so adding or removing communication channels is fairly straightforward.

Does our airline have to have a frequent flyer program to use eePaxConnect?

No. eePaxConnect is configurable so you can define the available services for a group of passengers based on passenger types defined in your business model.

We cover flights on various routes. However we do not have the same support in all the airports. Can we restrict some services to particular routes?

Yes. eePaxConnect provides you with the possibility to enable or disable a service on-the-fly for any of the routes you have configured via eeManager.

Can eeConnect platform be used in marketing purposes?

Yes. Our solution is based on notifications that can be scheduled, automatically triggered or manually created. What type of event or business logic will trigger a notification is defined by the needs of a particular airline. eeConnect can support you with your marketing campaigns as well as help you change the passenger's travel experience.