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Jobs in general

2e Systems is a highly versatile computer engineering and development company specializing in web technologies and high volume transaction systems primarily for the airline industry. We provide all services from conception and definition, to application development, quality management through to server setup, maintenance and support.

We have a large modularized application, which is also broken down into 3 main tiers: presentation, business logic and data access. The front end is developed in PHP with MySql being used for reference data and session information. This is a serious application, and not just a set of PHP scripts. Considering complexity, functionality, lines of code and system usage, it is arguably one of the biggest PHP sites in the world. The other tiers are developed primarily in Java with relational databases. Prospective developers need to be able to grasp the concept of a large application supporting multiple clients and languages. It is definitely a challenging but rewarding field to work in.

Excellent spoken and written English is very important. German and/or Croatian would be an additional bonus.

Please send your full application per e-mail to

A Cover letter must be included together with CV!! Please include a cover-letter introducing your application and explaining why you think you would be suitable for the job. We won't accept applications without this, sorry.