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Company information

2e Systems is a technology company founded in February 2000, based in Frankfurt, Germany with offices in Zagreb (Croatia), London (United Kingdom), Melbourne (Australia) and the USA. We are an international team of 71 people representing 23 different nationalities with expertise in airline IT, the travel industry and software development. 2e Systems is considered as industry leader in delivering flexible modular software applications for our airline clients; we develop technology applications to enhance our client's Ecommerce strategy for improved direct passenger sales and passenger experience.

Our airline applications are:

The eeSky Suite encompasses all of the above solutions into a powerful merging of our leading technologies creating synergies for our clients that want tailored technology solutions.

How we do it better

  • 2e Systems is fast, flexible and agile with a dynamic team of experts that can deliver our solutions and client enhancements in a very short timeframe
  • We focus on building customised web technologies, mobile technologies and high volume transaction systems for airlines that want to differentiate their airline, brand and passenger experience from their competitors
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Highly versatile computer engineering, development solutions and mobile app design
  • We offer all professional services from conception, definition, application development, testing, maintenance and support
  • Over 300 years collective industry experience and 250 years IT expert experience

2e Systems' clients are not only leading the way in passenger sales, services and travel experiences, but have established a complete low-overhead business model. This together with our "partnership" company model where our client's customers are our customers", makes 2e Systems the perfect partner for your airline business and Ecommerce strategy.

If you would like to know how your airline can benefit from 2e, please contact us any time. Or simply ask our clients what we've achieved together.

2e Systems GmbH
Koenigsteiner Strasse 87
65812 Bad Soden am Taunus

2e Systems